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Shifting to a new house? Follow these tips!

Shifting to a new house? Follow these tips!

In today’s times, we go where our careers take us. Or sometimes, our partner’s jobs too. And why shouldn’t we? If the career opportunity is attractive, you should always pursue it. Be it within the same city or different cities. However, what may really take the joy out of this happy scenario is relocation. If you don’t plan your shifting wisely, it can cause unwanted troubles.

Here are some tips to ensure that your shifting process is smooth and hassle-free.

Master the art of packing if you are living on rent

If you are not going to seek the assistance of any professional service, you must plan as well as pack wisely. And if you are a young bachelor in their early or mid-20s, chances are you will do it by yourself. So, make sure you use good quality boxes to carry your stuff and ensure that each box is light. Moreover, you can fit small things within other hollow things like pressure cookers & other kitchen utensils. Besides, you can sell something, which may not be so necessary or simply old, so that you can transport your stuff easily.

Choose a professional mover and packer service

If you are going to choose a professional service, make sure they are credible. Do thorough research online by checking ratings and reviews. Prioritize the quality of service over cost. Because you wouldn’t like careless people to damage your stuff and be irresponsible about it, do you? So, to know if the service provider is good enough, check the attention to detail they give to the inventory. If they are collecting a detailed inventory, it could mean that they care about the safety of each and every item that needs to be shifted. Additionally, you can also check for services like insurance, after-service support, and a reliable customer care system for additional safety.

Supervise the packing if you choose a service

Even after thoroughly researching the internet and choosing a credible service, you must not forget to supervise the packing, loading & unloading personally. This will help you to keep a list of things, organize them at the destination and also check if something is missing.

Miscellaneous tips to make relocation smoother

  • Once everything is packed, make sure you have minimal essential items and food at origin as well as the destination.
  • If you are moving a pet along, make sure that the pet is trained to stay in a crate or comfortable to travel in your vehicle.
  • Pack things that will not be needed every day, well in advance.
  • While packing, label the boxes clearly, so you know its contents and it’s easier for unpacking.
  • Pack the essentials like medicines, mobile chargers, mugs, plates, kettle, some snacks, clothes, etc. separately.
  • Carry valuables yourself (like bank documents, legal documents such as Aadhaar card, birth certificates, credit cards, passports, jewelry, etc.)
  • Bubble wrap fragile items carefully. You may need multiple layers of packing to ensure safety from impact and moisture if you are shifting appliances across cities.
  • Before you shift into the new house, make a prior appointment with an electrician or carpenter to fix your gadgets and furniture in the new house.

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