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Make your Gudi Padwa even more auspicious at addressOne

Gudipadwa | Addressone

Gudi Padwa, a much-awaited festival in Maharashtra is considered as one of the most auspicious times of the year. Maharashtrian community celebrates Gudi Padwa which is deemed as their New Year, including youth, prefer buying or investing in anything new like jewellery, vehicles, properties etc.

The real estate realm in India’s eyes on auspicious opportunities like this to enhance the prospective consumer base by putting the groundwork for their respective offers and discount deals.

There are many reasons why Gudi Padwa makes for the best time to buy a home. Take a look:
•The onset of a beginning:

According to Vedic texts, Gudi Padwa is considered as the most powerful day of the year as Lord Brahma created the Universe on this day. Gudi Padwa also marks the beginning of a cycle of 60 years and each year is identified by a unique name. It is also signified as the beginning of harvest & spring season. As the occasion marks the dawn of many new developments, Gudi Padwa is a special time to get a new home to mark fresh beginnings.

•Offer & discounts:

Every traditional individual in India follows a common practice of buying a property during auspicious times. The practice of booking homes on such festive occasions is considered as a positive omen for the entire community. Keeping this sentiment in the mind, many renowned developers introduce attractive offers and opportunities for such imminent buyers. Special discounts can help save huge amounts of your hard-earned money on the total value of the property.

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