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8 Amenities that Make Life Fun at addressOne

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, is a popular saying for a reason. Balancing work, fitness, leisure, and entertainment in your life is essential for your mental, physical and social wellbeing. Which is why, at addressOne, we strongly advocate that recreation is never aimless. Here, your lifestyle will blossom amidst acres of amenity spaces and greenery.

Check out these 8 hand-picked amenities that nurture your quality of life at Peninsula addressOne!

1. Poolside Fun

Dive into the cool, blue depths and refresh yourselves at the swimming pool. Swimming makes for a great exercise and also helps you cool off in warmer weather. Plus, your kids will have the time of their lives splashing about and playing games in the water.

2. Workout Goals

For those who wish to work out in fresh air or in an A/c space, we have them both – an open and indoor gym. So get going and achieve your daily fitness goals with state-of-the-art gym equipment around!

3. Sports For All

Revisit your love for sports! We have a football field, volleyball court and cricket nets all in the premises. Watch your kids become champs at their favourite game or enjoy an exhilarating match with your neighbours and friends.

4. Run Towards Happiness

Don’t just run, cycle too! We have a lovely jogging, walking and cycling track that go around the football ground and multi-sport court. Wake up and go for a morning run surrounded by green views. Teach your kids to cycle along the path in the premises, safe and away from vehicles.

5. Indoor Game Zone

During sunny afternoons, head indoors to the clubhouse for a relaxing game of table-tennis with your kids! You can even challenge your skills at chess and carom.

6. A Playground For Your Kids

Playing your children away from their gadgets and gizmos gets easier when we have a dedicated outdoor kiddie zone for your little ones! Let your kids’ imagination and adventures come alive in their own little playground.

7. Community Space For Senior Citizens

Those in their golden years can relax and chit-chat amid ample greenery at the senior citizen arena. Get together in the evenings at the serene seating beside the religious complex and meditation park.

8. Wellness & Spirituality

Make spirituality and wellness a part of your everyday life! We have a religious complex in the premises and a meditation zone right next to it. Practice yoga outdoors in the fresh morning air and sunshine. Embrace inner bliss, amidst blissful surroundings.

Amenities don’t serve simply to decorate the development, they are designed for elevating your lifestyle and enhancing every aspect of community living. If you’re looking for residential flats in Pune, Gahunje that will change the way you look at life, addresOne by Peninsula Land Ltd. is the perfect project for you.